Dec 18, 2009

China: Women Love France, Korea; Men Love USA, UK

In the run-up to the Shanghai Expo, 14,000 Chinese were surveyed about their attitudes towards other countries.

Some results are surprising, but even those with expected results are interesting to see:
Chinese women love France (more than Chinese men). France is the second most popular pavilion.
- The American pavilion is the most popular (Ironic, since until about two weeks ago it looked like there would be no American pavilion).
- Those surveyed ranked Japan as the 4th most popular pavilion they hope to visit, but 45 percent also said they feel dislike towards Japan.
Thailand was the second-most disliked country, with 20 percent saying dislike Thailand. (I find this surprising. Wonder what the cause is?)
- There is a great deal of confusion over the purpose of Expo, with 51 percent of those surveyed believing that Expo is “The Largest Trade Show in the World”.
- Perhaps because of this trade fair perception, Chinese visitors expect to spend more than 1,500rmb while there!
I posted some of the interesting graphs below, but you can download a full copy with complete methodology and questions here. This survey was done by Millward Brown, Lightspeed Research and Ogilvy PR (Disclosure: my employer). The survey will be conducted several times more as the Expo opens and progresses.
Any suggestions for questions in the next survey?