Dec 18, 2009

ASEAN online advertising market

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Online advertising numbers are notoriously difficult to estimate in Asia, with some claims of market size at multiples of estimates by others.
This estimate for online adspend in ASEAN, released in December 2008, is the The Yahoo!-Nielsen “Online Industry Review” study.
Here’s how they describe this study:
While there have been some online advertising estimates put forward by different firms in the past, these are mostly ad-hoc, general or cover only specific markets in this region. The Yahoo!-Nielsen “Online Industry Review” study is the first-of-its-kind formal study of the online advertising industry in Southeast Asia and aims to provide media practitioners a critical overview of the expected growth of the online industry, its challenges and potential solutions. The study covers robust two-year forecasts of Search and Display advertising as well as the media landscape overview of the six countries. The findings will help marketers create smarter media plans through a more in-depth understanding of cross media usage behavior of their users.
The table above reveals the forecast expenditure on online advertising across each of the Southeast Asia markets under investigation. The study shows that the online advertising industry in the region is expected to grow more than 60% between 2008 and 2010, across all the included markets. Display advertising will continue to take the lion’s share of the online advertising pie although Search advertising is expected to close the gap in Singapore and Malaysia by 2010. Strong growth is also expected in Search Advertising, particularly between 2008 and 2009 and for the less mature online advertising markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.