Dec 16, 2009

The shifting of the society in Hanoi Capital and Ho Chi Minh City


According Socrates (469 BC–399 BC), a classical Greek philosopher, he found that every structure of society will move from tangle form to lozenge form. The equilibrium status achieved when most of population 's medium class. Actually, it's the tendency to socialism in Vietnam. Especially, household income of 58% of citizens in Hanoi Capital and Ho Chi Minh City is from 4-7 millions vnđ. 

12% class A, and  13% classs B + or -
14% class D and 2% class E + or -

The trend will continue, not only Hanoi and HCM

This's my questions for you

What's your position?
What will you want? and Why will you want?
What will you do? and Why will you do?
How will you want? and How will you do?
When will you want? and When will you do?