Dec 14, 2009

The Social Media Ecosystem ver. 2.0 at Barcampsaigon

The Social media ecosystem systematized social media concepts before. It likes a principles of marketing book in which many researchers can contribute together.

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Many people's talking about social media. However, social media still on the chaos era. Therefore, we have so many
  • Definitions
  • Concepts
  • Models
Other hand, concepts before had limited such as "What is the relationship between social media netwoks?"

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I were confused and my question is "Can I systematize or summarize them together?"
Now, I found a answer for myself and it called a social media ecosystem and I want to share and discuss with others.

My concept like a lake ecosystem because I think that it has same characteristics.
First, I assumed that each social media network user is a drop of water

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Here's the main concept. 

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This concept divided into three section. 
  • First section is PEST factors (political, economic, social, technology), it's external part, However, it's very important. For example, China's government banned facebook sites. Japanese culture is other example. 
  • Why is the best social network on Japan (by invitation only)
  • Why myspace lose on Japan (by register)
  •  Think about its.
  • Second section's infrastructure, it's network in which computers, mobile, routers, server ... can connect together. 
strong infrastructure, strong the foundation of a social media network
  • Third section's content and participation. I followed Charlene Li, participators categorized into six types. I don't use ladder for visualization, it divided into 6 deep level on the lake. At deepest level, creator and critics are target of every marketer. However, it's difficult because it's too deep and we can't understand their mind or the limitation of resources (capital, hr, technology...)

Each social media networks has different points

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Social media ecosystem application for marketing

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How to influence your target

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I also think about the trend of social media networks. It's open world where every sites can connect together by api standards. It called a "Canal"

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