Dec 6, 2009

Viral marketing: Bunkface Through My Window

“Through My Window” has been conquering the radio and TV since its release.
Did you know that you can actually win awesome stuff from that song?
Did you?
Well, guess what? YOU CAN!
We here at YouthSays are giving you a chance to win:
1 Macbook White
6 Beach Holidays
6 iPod Shuffles
15 iPod Nanos
50 Starbucks Vouchers
50 Borders Vouchers

All you have to do:

STEP 1: Go here –
STEP 2: REMIX the song to make it sound even more awesome.
STEP 3: Share it with your friends!
Every 30th remix submitted will win a prize. If you referred the 30th submission, you will also win a reward!
Best part: you don’t need mad DJ skills for this!
All you have to do is mix, share and win. It’s that simple.