Dec 29, 2009

What social media can do for your business?

There are still a number of business people, executives, owners and more, that have doubts about social media as a business driver. Part of that skepticism has to do with the fact the medium is quite new and participating in it requires a different approach from traditional marketing efforts. Part of it has to do with the fact that social media thinkers and advocates have never been very good at illustrating a definitive tie to business success through their medium of choice.’s Social Media Best Practices: Question & Answer Forums report released two weeks ago talked about statistics around forums like LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo Answers and’s own Answers. The report had a hidden gem in it: The chart below which listed Social Media Success Metrics:

This might be the first quantified list of what social media can do for your business. It was taken from survey of over 1,400 individuals, 69 percent of whom work at business currently using social media and 59 percent of whom are business owners or C-Level executives.
If you run into someone who doubts what social media can do for business from now on, share this information with them. People just like them say it does the above.