Jan 17, 2010

Why is Social Media Important for You?

By Sysomos

Social media is dramatically changing how companies communicate, market and sell their products and service. It is changing the dynamic between companies and their customers.
What used to be a one-way conversation in which companies told customers why to purchase their products and services has turned into a conversation. Now, customers can play a major role in what's being said publicly about your products and brand. While this is a challenge for many companies, it's also a exciting new opportunity to engage with customers in new and different ways to build stronger relationship, enhanced loyalty and higher sales.

More on why social media is important 

5 W's of Business Intelligence

For Sysomos, the five Ws are a fundamental part of how we help companies get in-depth and comprehensive information and insight about what is happening within the social media eco-system. You've got lots of questions; Sysomos has the answers.
What are people talking about? What are the key conversations?
Monitor the conversations to see what is being said about your products and brands, and identify the major themes and issues being raised within the social media landscape.

When did these conversations happen? Was there a lot of activity?
Learn more about when these conversations happened - both historical and real-time. See, compare and contrast buzz generated over time.

Where did these conversations happen? Was there a lot of activity?
Access geo-demographic information to see where around the world conversations are taking place - right down to the country or city.

Who is doing the talking and what's their influence?
Quickly identify the key influencers, and then get detailed information about their gender, age industry and interests.

Why are conversations happening? Are they positive or negative?
Discover why conversations are happening. See whether what's talked about is positive, negative or neutral, and determine the impact on your business.

With Sysomos, You Have the Power to:

Listen: The social media landscape is busy and plenty of noise. This makes it a challenge to identify and hear the conversations happening on blogs, social networks, forums, micro-blogging services, news sites, and more. Sysomos lets you listen to millions of conversations about your brand and products in real-time without having to spend time to set up a query, profile or project.
Measure: In real-time, track and measure campaigns, brands, products and sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), and provide additional context by analyzing results over time, as well as comparisons with competitors.
Understand: Get insight into the conversations happening, who's involved and where they are taking place. Then, determine the impact on your company's products and brands, and if needed, make adjustments to your communications, marketing or sales plans.
Engage: Identify the people driving the conversations, and understand who they are, their interests and their authority/relevance to your brand or products. This lets you engage with key influencers and opinion leaders to build, nurture and manage relationships. Sysomos automatically provides authority and reach scores for these individuals based on a variety of factors such as inbound links, social bookmarks, comments and other activities.