Mar 19, 2010

Japan’s Top Social Media Experts

By thomascrampton  March 7, 2010  Post a comment

I am trying to compile a list of Japan’s most interesting people in Social Media. Please add your name or others in the comments.
The list has begun based on those who turned up at a Twitter gathering I initiated at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. I learned so much on that evening and afterwards Steve Nagata generously took me on a great tour of Akihabara.
Add your name (or others) in the comments and I will be sure to invite you to the next gathering! (I am interested in interesting people, not companies, by the way. I enjoy hanging out with people, not companies!)
UPDATE: Shortly after I saved an early edit of this posting both Gen and Steve Nagata tweeted about the lack of Japanese names below. Be particularly great to get more names on that front!
Here’s the details of those in the video who attended that evening:
Rafik Dammak, a recovering blogger from Tunisia who now only Twitters. He is also a Non Commercial Stakeholder Group Board Appointee to the Generic Names Supporting Organization of ICANN (who manages the Internet.)
Alistair Townsend, founder of Bakoko Design Development, Tokyo who is on
LinkedinPosterousTwitter and has a company site.
Gen Kanai, the business director of business development at Mozilla has a personal blogMozilla blog andTweets.
Robb Satterwhite, publisher of, the best and biggest Japanese restaurant guide is also on Flickrand has a book. He also has FB fan page and a Facebook app “My Favorite Sushi”.
Rick Martin’s personal blogCNET blog and Twitter.
Steve NagataAkihabara fan and tech consultant who blogsLinkedIn and Twitter.
Kyle Hasegawa on BlogTwitter
Michael Q. Todd on YoutubeFacebookTwitter
Martyn Williams, Tokyo Bureau Chief for IDG News Service, on Facebook Twitter
Orlando Camargo, the President of Ogilvy PR, Japan has a great photo feed on Flickr, is on LinkedIn andTweets.
A list of more from Steve Nagata:
A list of more from Steve Nagata:
Fumi Yamazaki@fumi - Author and journalist.  Well known and highly respected in both Japanese and English speaking communities. recently published a book on twitter marketing.
Nobuyuki Hayashi@nobi - Author and journalist.  EVERYONE knows Nobi. Following Apple since it landed in Japan.
Andrew Shuttleworth, @@ashuttleworth - Social Networks.  One of the biggest names in social media in Tokyo.  One of the founders of Tokyo 2.0
Paul Papadimitriou@papadimitriou - Technology evangelist.  Technically not in Japan anymore, he continues to support Web2.0 ventures in Japan from across the globe.  Honorary virtual member.
Toshiaki Kanda, @@knnkanda - Author, journalist, television personality. A Japanese techno-celebrity.
Satoka Fujita@lhuga - Social media enthusiast.  Heavy web2.0 user and founder of Tokyo Geek Girls
Danny Choo@dannychoo - Blogger, Entrepreneur. Tokyo’s Dancing Stormtrooper. YouTube star and Otaku blogger.
Oliver Reichenstein@Ia - Information Architect.  Creator of Tokyo Web Trend Map.
Dr. Serkan Toto@serkantoto - Consultant, Blogger. Writer for Techcrunch.  Little happens in Tokyo tech he does not know about.
Hideki Francis Onda@onebeat - Blogger, Entrepreneur.  First marketing director for Apple Computer in Japan. Now CEO of Focal Point Computers and Tunewear.
Shinya Ichinohe@shinyai - Professor, photographer.  Technology and media enthusiast. Now living in Niigata
Dean Fuji@docmacpro - Consultant, networking mogul.  Social media consultant and power networker.
Taro Matsumura@taromatsumura - Journalist, Researcher. Always on top of what’s tech and geek in Tokyo.
Takuya Kawai@himanainu_kawai - Social Media Entrepreneur. One of Japan’s first Social Media specialists. Still in the center of new trends and technology.
From Gordon Kanki Knight:
I suggest myself, @kankiknight (2,712 followers) and my website here, Craig Mod (2,744), Oliver Reichenstein (over 10,000 followers), the staff at Japan Times (including many Japanese), Tomoko Hosaka, Tomo Akiyama (@tomoakiyama), Jean Snow and Roland Kelts (if he qualifies as being in Japan).