Mar 28, 2010

Shanghai Tweetup: Who was there?

By thomascrampton  March 26, 2010  Post a comment

Here’s some of those who attended the third of the Shanghai Tweetups, which took place this Wednesday evening. Thanks very much to everyone who joined!
Marcella Szablewicz: She’s a PhD Candidate in Communication & Rhetoric at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She’s currently studying the Chinese gaming community, and the cleavages within it. Educated at Duke and Georgetown university, she is currently working for the China Institute. Her Twitter handle is @mszabs and find her on LinkedIn here, and on Facebook here.  
Wang Lili: She’s a Chinese author who blogs at She’s written about her early life as a migrant worker and her work has been heralded in the Peoples Daily, and other international periodicals. Now working as an author and journalist in China, her first two books My Tears Won’t Fall and You Are Far Away are well known in China. If you want to add her on twitter she’s @wanglilinovels. Her adventures in images are available on Flickr
Sera Hill: Sera is the current director at Trepantech, an Internet applications company based in Shanghai. Here she works on iPhone apps and VPN services. She studied at McGill University and previously worked for Ericsson in Canada. Follow her on Twitter @Serpah and read her bio on LinkedIn.
Mark Evans: The technical director in Shanghai for the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy (@JUCCCE), Mark focuses on environmental topics, as well as food and social media. He graduated from Reed College, and has worked in a variety of professions including work at Trepantech in Shanghai. He runs his own food and personal blog at In China Mark is now reduced to the ‘point, smile and pray’ method of acquiring food. To read more about Mark view his LinkedIn profile, and follow him on Twitter @Mark_E_Evans
Tony Luce: Tony works at Trepantech with Sera and has worked on iPhone apps and the vpNinja VPN. He’s an expat in Shanghai and a prolific tweeter. His Twitter is @tonyluce.
Andy Miller: Andy is a biking enthusiast currently based in Shanghai who specializes in youth marketing. He has a blog at He’s traveled the world in his pajamas and contributed his musing to FHM and other magazines. Say hi on Twitter @andyjmiller.
Patrick Searle: Patrick is a Business Development manager at CIC Data. He’s currently based in Shanghai and studied at the University of London for a degree in Chinese and Oriental studies. CIC Data is a Chinese based Internet research and consultancy firm, there Patrick is involved in business development in China’s marketing and social media sector. See all his attributes on LinkedIn, and drop him a line @PatrickSearle .
Kai Lukoff: Kai works at where he’s an analyst of Chinese social media and social gaming. Originally from California he studied at Stanford and has some basic Mandarin skills. Bloggerinsight provides companies interested in the Chinese market with insights from mainland bloggers. He also blogs and is a co-founder of Chinese group buying, group discounts website His Twitter handle is @klukoff, and Chinasocialgames also twitters @CNSocialGames. Get details on Kai career on LinkedIn.
Emile MacGillavry: Based in Shanghai he’s worked with Maximum marketing in China and the Netherlands for 10 years. At Maximum he’s a managing director working on employee matters and managing clients in China. Maximum is a marketing and advertisement firm originally from the Netherlands. Two of Emile’s associates joined him at the tweetup but sadly they’re details were hard to hear in the video I recorded of attendees. Follow him on Twitter @MacGillavry and take a look at his LinkedIn profile here.
Jeffery Clark: Clark is a fashion specialist based in Shanghai. He runs his own fashion and personal blog According to his bio he’s been involved in the Fashion industry since the 80’s and founded in 2008, a website allowing fashion designers to scour a database of global clothing providers to provide efficient supply chain management. Clark is from Canada but has been involved in Asian fashion and clothing sourcing for awhile now. He’s on Twitter @fashionsourcing