Oct 22, 2010

Group Deal Application of Wildfire on Facebook

Source: Wildfire

They’re excited to launch Group Deals, the first social buying application for Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Connect! With a Group Deal any business, whether it’s a large brand, an agency or a small or medium sized business, can easily and cost-effectively sell their product or service in a socially engaging way on Facebook or on their website. You may have heard of the awesome success of companies like Groupon that make buying fun and social. Now with the launch of our Group Deals format companies of all sizes can create their own Groupon-like deal within minutes and publish it on their fan page and/or their website. Group deals are the ideal way to make buying both fun and social!
How it WorksFor those of you who don’t know what a Group Deal is here’s how it works:
  1. Your company offers its Facebook fans a special deal on a product or service at an awesome price – but the deal only activates if enough people commit to buy the deal (e.g. “get a appetizer, entre and desert for $15 if 50 people commit to buy this deal”)
  2. Consumers commit to the deal by providing their contact information and their credit card details (we collect this via PayPal).
  3. If the minimum number of consumers commit to the deal before the deadline, the deal activates and consumers’ credit cards are charged. We automatically email the consumers with instructions for redeeming their deal. If the minimum number is not reached, consumers’ cards are not charged and we email them to let them know the deal is off.
Wildfire takes care of the entire process of running a group deal – all you need to do is define the value of your deal, the minimum number of buyers required and the duration of the campaign!
Top 7 Reasons to run a Group Deal
  1. It’s a great way to make selling to social network users fun, social and engaging
  2. It’s a powerful way to encourage word of mouth spread about your company’s product or service
  3. It’s a great tool for selling old stock or unsold inventory
  4. It encourages regular engagement with a company’s Facebook Fan Page or Website (e.g. by offering regular weekly group deals)
  5. It’s easy to set-up – campaigns can be live within minutes
  6. It’s highly affordable and scalable
  7. It’s secure through PayPal’s verification process
Note on Fraud & SecurityThey’ve partnered with PayPal to provide a secure and scalable solution for your company to run financial transactions and for consumers to buy Group Deals from companies that are PayPal verified. This way there is minimal risk that consumers will engage in fraudulent transactions and your business can be assured that funds we’ll be collected.