Dec 6, 2009

AISAS Online Consumer Behaviour Model

When educating people about social media I tend to use the AISAS online consumer behaviour model quite a bit. AISAS stands for Attention – Interest – Search – Action – Share. The  model was developed by Dentsu Group as an update for the traditional AIDMA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Memory – Action) model to more accurately describe consumer behaviour on the internet.AISAS consumer behaviour model
More about the AISAS model and slides for your own presentations after the jump.
The AISAS model is pretty simplistic and while it’s not the best online behaviour model but I use it for 2 reasons:
1) It’s simple and effective in showing marketers that there’s a shift in consumer behaviour online. Most people have Google-d a product before buying it. I simply point out that what they find is the word of mouth generated by other consumers futher down in the Share stage.
2) It explains how traditional media fits in with social media. Traditional media is great at generating awareness and interest but can’t reach the consumer when they are considering if they should buy the product/service. In the AISAS model, this consideration and research happens in the Search stage. Ultimately your social media marketing efforts would be focused on the Share stage to encourage consumers to tell their friends and produce reviews, ratings, etc, feeding back to the Search stage.
There isn’t much info about the AISAS model online but you can learn more about the AISAS model directly from Dentsu on page 20 of their 2006 Annual Report (PDF link).

Downloads for your slides

It took me a little bit of effort to produce this slide in Keynote and it occurred to me that I may save someone else a few minutes with this, so here is the slide for your use in your own presentations in 3 flavours:
  1. AISAS model (PNG)
  2. AISAS model (PPT)
  3. AISAS model (Keynote)
I hope it’s useful. Please leave a comment if you have a question or used it in your presentations.