Dec 6, 2009

Twitter Integrates into Google Friend Connect

That’s right—Twitter is integrating more with yet another popular search engine. Yeah, it wasn’t enough to promise quasi-real-time results from Twitter in Google results, now Google has convinced Twitter to join Friend Connect. Now your Twitter login will work on any Google Friend Connect site.
It’s been a year since Twitter joined Friend Connect, but that initial membership meant only that site followers could use their Twitter profiles and avatars on GFC sites they joined. Now, however, the integration is more complete, integrating Twitter into websites more fully.
twitter-googFor site owners, the integration works both ways—you can promote your site easily on Twitter and your Twitter profile on your site and among your Friend Connect Followers. You can invite your Twitter followers to visit and join your site, and you can invite your Friend Connect Followers to follow you on Twitter. Friend Connect Followers can also promote your site on Twitter, either posts, pages or comments on the site—and those tweets are broadcast to your followers, too.
Perhaps best of all, if you’re already using Google Friend Connect, you don’t have to do anything to enable the new Twitter features—as Google says in their explanatory video, “It just works.” Overall, it does seem like an easy way to integrate Twitter into your site and make sure your tweeting users can participate and integrate that into the discussion. That alone is a pretty attractive feature.
What do you think? Would you add Google Friend Connect for the Twitter integration? How do you integrate Twitter into your site or blog?