Dec 6, 2009

World Health – GOOD Magazine Transparency

As usual, an excellent infographic from GOOD Magazine.
World Health Data
Every country in the world approaches health care differently, but the end goal is the same: Keep citizens as healthy as possible at the lowest cost . . . This is a look at 12 countries around the world that examines how far the money they spend on health care goes toward affecting the health of their citizens.
This infographic is just teaming teeming with excellent information:
  • Life expectancy in years
  • Maternal mortality deaths (per 100K live births)
  • Infant mortality deaths (per 1K live births)
  • Noncommunicable-disease-related deaths (per 100K pop)
  • Cardiovascular deaths (per 100K pop)
  • Cost per capita of healthcare
  • % of GNP spent on health care.
There is a lot that is good about this infographic. I don’t understand the scale on the right hand side of the figure that is 72 – 82. I think it has something to do with life expectancy, but I couldn’t tell.
I think it might be equally interesting to look at each of the pieces of data by country. A lot of data is presented clearly in this graphic.