Dec 6, 2009

Where Do You Like To Be Touched – Visual Survey Results

touch heatmap women
touch heatmap men
Visualizations are from fleshmap:
We asked hundreds of people how much they like being caressed on various parts of their body, and how exciting it is to touch different places on their lovers. Their answers, a total of 33,871 ratings covering 707 points on male and female bodies, provide a collective portrait of desire. In Skin to Skin, compare men and women, touching and being touched.
Survey respondents were asked two sets of questions: “How good would it feel to touch this area?” and “How good would it feel to be touched in this area?”. They were then shown a series of pictures of the body part and asked to give a rating. The respondent’s gender and sexual preference was taken into account.
The survey results are presented in a heatmap overlayed on a silhouetted body.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
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