Jan 19, 2010

Toyota Deal Proves Out Adobe Confidence in Omniture

Last Week Toyota announcedadopting Adobe analytics superstar Omniture as their online marketing metrics partner. Omniture’s SiteCatalyst will be used for Toyota’s global corporate site, as well as ten others according to the news.
Adobe’s recent bet on Omniture is obviously already bearing fruit with this announcement. Omniture already holds something like 40 percent of the SMB sector. The Toyota deal has too loom large both for Adobe and copetitors of Omniture. Econsultancy has taken some hits as of late, but the market is obviously still there, for anyone who does business online that is. If saving or making money is the target (and it always is) refined metrics are where it is at and where it will be – like a spotter on a shooting range, indispensable.
SiteCatalyst is part of the rather vast Omniture Online Marketing Suite, which among many other facets contains Test and Target – a highly touted and real time effective tool for rapid trial and error market testing. Where most technical innovations attempt to integrate personalization into the scheme of things, Test and Target actually gets it done. Toyota’s Marcus Otsuji, Japan  Country Manager, shed some light on Toyota’s thinking about the importance of analytics:
“SiteCatalyst gives Toyota real-time, actionable data, which can be a valuable competitive edge in a business environment where brands are increasingly interacting with their customers online. Additionally, through the Omniture Online Marketing Suite , Omniture integrates online analytics with other optimization tools, such as solutions for testing and targeting and search engine marketing optimization. This flexibility gives Toyota the ability to expand its online marketing optimization efforts, which was a critical factor in Toyota’s decision to adopt Omniture.”

Numbers Seldom Lie

Beyond spin and hype, there is a place where the tires hit the pavement. Toyota and other leading companies, having invested their confidence in Omniture says a lot about their value and consistency.  Marketing and search guru Loren Baker was one to break the news about Adobe’s acquisition of Omniture last year, calling the latter “the Cadillac of Web analytics software,” which proves out to be highly accurate. He did not speculate then on Adobe’s branding and use of the $1.8 billion investment, but it seems clear now Adobe’s decision to let the Omniture brand and technology speak for itself was a good move.
One thing new analytics technologies do is enable companies instant flexibility in focusing resources on ad and marketing campaigns. Think about this from the standpoint of say TV advertising. Everything had gone much more “real time”, but pulling or going all out with successful ads, at the right moment, carves up the window of opportunity logically. Adobe, as one of the leaders in all things Internet, hit a home run with Omniture. It would be interesting to heads up test Google Analytics,  Core Metrics, and maybe Covario from our recent news. But then, one can assume Toyota may have done a comparative of their own.

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