Feb 5, 2010

61% of mobile online page views are to social networking sites

A new mobile metrics company called GroundTruth has just posted a statistic on their blog showing that well over half (61%) of mobile online page views are to social networking sites. While anecdotally I've noticed that most of the people I see pecking away at their phone's keyboard are doing so on Facebookor Twitter, GroundTruth is including a number of lesser-known social networking sites in this number.

The point of GroundTruth's post seems to be that mobile users have distinctly different browsing habits than regular web users, but isn't that fairly obvious? In a mobile context people are just snacking on info, or posting a quick update. You typically don't do a lot of research on your mobile device.
Surely this information is interesting to advertisers, who need to find new and better ways to reach their target audiences. Mobile eyeballs are still eyeballs, so maybe this is a good sign for the longevity and financial viability of social networking sites.