Mar 19, 2010

Burger King’s Tasty T-Shirts

Burger King has launched a new campaign in the UK and Ireland for their new burger. They created a commercial with two guys having a particularly ‘royal’ conversation.
The new burger is called the 3-Cheese Angus and besides this commercial, the campaign attempts to gain more attention online.
On a new dedicated website, Burger King lets visitors create their own T-shirts. Users can create a phrase starting with ‘Burger King’ in which ‘burger’ is not portrayed as an actual word but – you’ve guessed it- an image of a burger. Of course in front of the word King you can put anything you like in your head :) Regarding colours and layout the shirts don’t leave much to the imagination, in the sense that all shirts are black and the only variety one can add is the type of burger and the font.
Next to the website Burger King also created a Facebook page where visitors can opt-in to the Burger King database and advocate their designs to get votes. Because that is how this competition works: after dropping off your design, Burger King chooses the six best ones to display on the site and for others to vote on. The creator of the most popular shirt earns it, together with all the voters that also get one.
Besides the limited methods of creation for the T-shirts (Threadless uses more or less the same voting system and there you can create anything you want) I think the campaign will be successful in creating a fan base. Not only can you become a fan of the Facebook page, you can also create shirts through the Facebook app and of course through the dedicated website. In short, there is almost no chance of you leaving without creating or voting for a  shirt. And because Burger King keeps asking for your e-mail address, they can hold onto you for future King reference.