Jun 2, 2013

How We Spend Our Time on Our Smartphones

We get it already. A lot of people have smartphones. Congratulations.
It’s best now to learn how people are using these phones because as marketers we can’t do much without the understanding of exactly where people are and, more importantly, why they are there.
Experian Marketing Services takes a look at smartphone use in a recent study. Here are a few findings.
It’s almost a little surprising that the ability to talk is still the main reason to have a phone! Texting comes in a close second. What would be interesting to see is how these ratios change in various age groups. I would offer that my teenager stomps on that 58 minute mark and leaves it in the dust on a daily basis.
While an age breakdown isn’t part of this study there is a breakdown of these results between Android devices and iPhones.
So what can we conclude from this? Android owners are ‘chattier’? Not much really but it’s always fun to look at the Android v. iPhones ‘battle’ and then go off on tangents about who is better and why.
We’ll let you do that on your time though. In the meantime, do your habits, or more importantly your customers’ habits, mirror these findings or do they look different?